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Inverter Hybrid PASCAL
Inverter Hybrid PASCAL
Inverter Hybrid PASCAL
Inverter Hybrid PASCAL
Inverter Hybrid PASCAL
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Specification of Inverter Hybrid PASCAL

InfiniSolarV Inverter Hybrid PASCAL

Hybrid PV inverter can provide power ration by utilizing Solar PV, the electricity and batteries.

Depending on the location of the different availability of ration electricity, hybrid inverter is designed to produce a continuous portion of PV solar modules (solar panels), batteries, and PLN / Genset. When the input voltage MPPT PV modules within an acceptable range (see specifications for details), the inverter is able to produce ration power to be delivered to the grid (PLN) and can also charge the battery. Added galvanic isolation between PV / DC and AC output, so users can connect any type of PV array to the inverter Hybrid.

Simple Solar Power Inverter is designed to be used on your home appliances or electronic devices other two. It can also be used for motor loads with high power surges such as vacuums, small freezer, or a drilling machine. With existing therein solar charger, it can convert solar power to charge the battery and provide continuous power to the connected equipment at night.


Generate the output waveform Pure Sine
Solar power can be taken alone or in export to PLN
Priority power from PV, Battery or Grid
Setting voltage and charging current
Setting mode: Grid-tie, off-grid and grid-tie with backup
Monitoring software to display the status and control
Inverter and Converter

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