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Stabilizer Pascal Ferroresonant
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Specification of Stabilizer Pascal Ferroresonant

Stabilizer Pascal Ferroresonant

This type of stabilizer is best to protect the influence of voltage changes in the PLN, which when PLN was down or ride with a variation of the 160-250Volt, then Covomer it will still provide output voltage 220% +/-2%. Because it uses the system transformer isolated between input galvanized PLN and the output of the Stabilizer, then electric shocks (spikes, impulse, and transient) voltage PLN will be muted so as not to endanger the peralatan sensitip electronics, such as computers, telex, etc. Also the noise on the net PLN, will be on mute by COVOMER.

Compared with the stabilizer that generally there are over the counter, where a small motor used to stabilize the voltage, and the movement of the motor this response/reaction to his slow 6 seconds which increases the voltage will still be felt by the equipment attached to it, and electric shocks remains muted. Also when using the stabilizer this bike, which use charcoal as an intermediary shoe friction at trafonya, and when the motor is often spinning then the charcoal shoes being worn away, causing sparks, harmful computer and electronic equipment.

While COVOMER ferro resonant stabilizer only takes 0.07 seconds only, which will not be felt by computers, and electronic equipment sensitip.


IGN = "left" border = "1" cellpadding = "1" cellspacing = "1" style = "width: 800px;" > TYPE INPUT OUTPUT Dimensions (cm) The weight of the PCL-650LB 220V, +/-25% 1Phase, 50 Hz 220V, +/-2% 50 Hz 1Phase 23 x 40 x 17.5 17 PCL-1000LB 220V, +/-25%, 50 Hz 1Phase 220V, +/-2% 50 Hz 1Phase 25 x 43 x 29 36 PCL-1500LB 220V, +/-25%, 50 Hz 1Phase 220V, +/-2% 50 Hz 1Phase 25 x 43 x 29 43 PCL-2000LB 220V, +/-25%, 50 Hz 1Phase 220V, +/-2% 50 Hz 1Phase 25 x 55 x 29 55 PCL-3000LB 220V, +/-25%, 50 Hz 1Phase 220V, +/-2% 50 Hz 1Phase 25 x 55 x 29 6

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